Amazing Starts Here, Introducing a Role Model for Ingenuity and Curiosity

Sally RideThis spring, Kiddie Academy’s “Amazing Starts Here” creative campaign continues the trend of introducing children to role models who are known for their exceptional leadership and character. Third in the “Amazing Starts Here” campaign line-up is a new role model for ingenuity and curiosity inspired by Sally Ride.

Sally Ride was much more than the noted-first woman in space when the space shuttle Challenger launched in 1983. She is also famed for changing popular public perception at the time regarding what a woman could and couldn’t do in society.

After her accomplishment and fame from the Challenger exploration, Ride made it her life’s mission to encourage young women and girls to pursue their dreams, even when it meant breaking the mold of traditional gender stereotypes and antiquated ideas about women’s roles.

As Kiddie Academy celebrates and supports children as they strive to meet their fullest potential, the company also encourages a sense of curiosity and adventure in children as they explore all summer has to offer.

The latest “Amazing Starts Here” character celebrates courage. She is a perfect embodiment of the attitude Kiddie Academy promotes in children all summer long with Camp Adventure. This summer, Camp Adventure will have children mentally and physically moving—even rocketing—to where they’ve never gone before.

Read more about Kiddie Academy’s Camp Adventure programming and stay tuned for the release of a fourth character coming this summer to the Amazing Starts Here campaign.

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