Celebrating Freedom as a Franchise Business Owner

Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness. – Frank Tyger, Humorist

There is a common thread between owning a franchise and what America celebrates on the national holiday of Independence Day: freedom. Our country was built upon the concept of individual freedom, and so is franchising! In fact, it’s one of the main reasons Pattie LaMarsh, owner of Kiddie Academy in Farmingdale, NY, loves being a Kiddie Academy franchisee. LaMarsh enjoys the freedom to own her own business, coupled with incredible flexibility and the regular Monday through Friday schedule that a Kiddie Academy franchise offers her.

Here are some key ways opening a Kiddie Academy franchise allows personal and professional freedoms:


  • Customizable working hours. While Kiddie Academy operates on a traditional Monday-Friday schedule, owners always have the flexibility to work whenever they choose. For some, that means getting in early to ensure they can leave early to catch a child’s game, while others can elect to burn the midnight oil and have the opportunity to take their children to school.


  • More time on things that matter. Because of the comprehensive business support that an established network like Kiddie Academy provides, franchisees are liberated by a turn-key business model. This helps to significantly eliminate many of the headaches associated with first-time business ownership. Since the logistics of running the business have already been outlined, franchisees can spend more time doing things that really mean the most to their success.


  • Profitability control. As with running any independent business, franchisees are ultimately responsible for and remain in control of managing their bottom line. This means they have the ability to “write their own ticket” as there is no cap to success, and what your Kiddie Academy location can earn! Hard work breeds success and financial freedoms.


  • Work/life balance. Franchisees with Kiddie Academy have the opportunity to combine the worlds of professional fulfillment and family harmony. For many of our franchisees, the flexibility to manage all of their life commitments alongside their business responsibilities is a main reason they chose to be a part of the Kiddie Academy family.

To explore investment opportunities that provide the personal freedom to run your business—and also manage your life the way you wish, be sure to visit here. It could be your path to both independence and happiness!

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