Getting Back to Business

This time of year, as students head back to school and prepare for success in the year ahead, it’s an ideal time for small business owners to also buckle down, set goals and get back to basics.

Running a successful business requires owners to master the basics in many different areas, from accounting to marketing. When daily work and life demands pull you in a million different directions, it can be difficult to do everything by yourself. At Kiddie Academy, we make it easy for you to get into and maintain the entrepreneurial mindset you need to be successful. Franchisees benefit from year-round assistance via an extensive corporate support system that takes the legwork out of many of the more time-intensive processes.

Here are ways our team helps you:

  • Financing: Small business owners recognize how critical their ability to secure funding and keep an accurate account of spending is. Kiddie Academy has developed strong relationships with several national and regional lenders to help facilitate and secure financing for new Kiddie Academy franchise locations. Company experts supply training and templates to develop loan packages, will review your business plans and see the process through to completion.
  • Real Estate and Construction: Location, location, location. It’s the mantra for real estate executives and a key driver for any successful franchise. Prospective Kiddie Academy franchise owners can tap into a professional real estate team with years of experience selecting optimum locations throughout the country. We utilize sophisticated market demographic software and site selection strategies, as well as market and site tours/inspections, to help you select the most suitable site available. We also offer a full spectrum of construction-related support, including building design and development, along with guidance on securing regulatory approvals for building, zoning and child care licensing throughout the construction phase.
  • Training and Education: A business is often only as good as its people, and training can be the trigger for great customer service for your clientele. Make sure you consider both classroom training and hands-on experiences that spotlight your business values and philosophy. Owners who come to Kiddie Academy will always benefit from a host of ready-to-use marketing, operations and financial tools. We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest developments in education, striving to be the best in the industry. Our franchise owners, as well as the teachers and students within their community, also reap these rewards.
  • Operations and Business Analysis: When running a business, you need a strong infrastructure that affords peace of mind. To ensure the best possible service, every Kiddie Academy receives a high level of operational support at the corporate level via a dedicated Franchise Business Consultant, who provides consistent, high-level educational and operational analysis, as well as advice and support to all franchise owners and their staff.
  • Marketing: Getting your business on people’s radar is tantamount, so if you’re not promoting your company on a regular basis, rethink your game plan now. Prospective franchise owners will thrive if they work with a network that offers turnkey marketing and public relations programs designed to help generate awareness and interest for their business. From groundbreakings and grand openings to community events, marketing promotions via local news outlets and social media channels should be integrated into your business plan as a means to drive buzz and to help generate new enrollees.

Having support in the most basic areas of business is just one of the reasons why joining a franchise is a smart business choice. To explore investment opportunities that ensure these fundamentals, be sure to visit here.

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