Kiddie Academy Featured in Case Study with Microsoft

Kiddie Academy, a leader in educational child care and a national franchisor, utilizes technology to support its growing network. The company adopted a range of Microsoft cloud services and Surface Pro tablets, creating an end-to-end solution for communicating and collaborating with franchisees, as well as managing CRM and key corporate workflows. The forward-thinking implementation of these custom Microsoft-built technology solutions earned Kiddie Academy a case study with the tech giant, featuring Kiddie Academy’s corporate Technology team. Read the full case study here.

Together with Microsoft, Kiddie Academy’s corporate technology team built a custom tool—called Kiddie Academy Resources, or KARES for short—including internal portals, blogging, forums for collaboration, customer relationship management, training videos, a knowledge base of best practices, and its Life Essentials curriculum.

The tool uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 to track a broad range of corporate processes, such as gathering franchise leads and managing the site selection, construction, and opening of academies.

“We now have a solution that lets us control our destiny as a company,” said Kiddie Academy’s VP of Technology, Greg Goodwin. “We have to select the best technology solutions that give us a competitive advantage.”

The solution saves Kiddie Academy more than $800,000 over five years, but perhaps more importantly, it delivers the scalability and security the company needs to keep growing and serving its franchise system with highly-connected and unprecedented corporate-office support in disciplines like marketing, operations, education, finance and more.

Click here to read the full Microsoft case study featuring Kiddie Academy’s custom-built technology solution.

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