Kiddie Academy of Kent Island Contributes to Kent County News

“What is play?” wrote Scott Barnhart, owner at Kiddie Academy of Kent Island. “Play is what children do every day and is the essence of what is to be a child.”

This April, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), an early childhood education association and accreditor, will focus attention on the importance of quality education for young children with their annual “Week of the Young Child” celebration across the United States from April 24-28, 2017.  Scott, on behalf of the Kiddie Academy of Kent Island in Maryland, contributed an article about how children learn best through play to their Academy’s local newspaper, the Kent County News, in honor of the upcoming “Week of the Young Child.

“Young children, “preschoolers,” learn best through play; spilling milk on their plate and mixing the food in it is learning though play and is part of the natural learning process. The child is exploring what happens when a liquid encounters a pile of mashed potatoes, which makes a soupy substance (change in texture), not just to see Mom’s head spin. Play inspires experimentation, problem solving, sharing, creativity, two-way communication between children or adult and child. Thus, play builds language, self-esteem, values and character,”

writes Scott.

Kiddie Academy franchisees, as experts in early childhood education and center-based learning, often contribute original bylined articles to publications all over the United States. These thought leaders strengthen the Kiddie Academy network and make the highest quality of care and attention possible for more than 20,000 enrolled families nationwide.

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