The Services and Strategies Entrepreneurs Need to Grow Their Business

Being a successful entrepreneur is rarely a matter of luck. It’s most often the result of hard work and being smart about the strategies and services you use to help your business grow.

If you’re a Kiddie Academy® Educational Child Care franchisee, you don’t have to look far to find help. Our corporate support teams can provide you with resources and guidance in many of the areas that are critical to your success.

Here are some of the key areas to focus on:

    • Plan Strategically – Success isn’t a result of a random spin of the wheel of fortune. Successful entrepreneurs make a detailed plan and stick to it. Identify your business’s current position, where you want your business to be a year from now, how you’re going to get there and how to deal with anticipated challenges. Kiddie Academy franchise owners have two terrific resources to help with this planning. First, you can reach out to your Franchise Business Consultant (FBC), a seasoned business professional with extensive franchising and managerial experience. Your FBC can give you advice on what you need to consider when building your strategic plan. The other resource you have is your Kiddie Academy Administrative Operations Manual. The manual is a playbook for you to follow, based on standards and best practices that have worked successfully for other Kiddie Academy franchisees through the years.
    • Make Good Hires – “Hiring the right people is important to building a successful franchise,” said Jeff Pleis, Kiddie Academy Director of Operations. “Your current staff and even your customers can be good referral sources for finding the right employees. You want to bring in qualified people who also add complementary strengths to others who are already working there. A good hire becomes productive faster and is likely to stay with you longer.”
    • Create a Positive Culture – “Good leaders create cultures that people want to be a part of,” said Kiddie Academy’s Vice President of Operations, Sharon Lytwynec. “Selecting people with the skills you need is important, but you also want people who will be a good fit within the culture you’re trying to build. You want your Academy to reflect your values, so the people you add to your team should share those same values. It should be a place of transparency, trust and commitment, a place where employees feel empowered, valued and are excited to come to work each day. When your employees are happy, your customers are happy.”
    • Create Outstanding Customer Experiences – Everything you do should be done with the customer in mind. You want to make parents feel like they made the right decision to select your business. Kiddie Academy offers numerous opportunities to engage and build great relationships with the families in your community. Special events such as Storytime LIVE! and STEM Adventures, and our proprietary Life Essentials® Curriculum are designed to create enriching experiences for children and their families. If parents are pleased with the relationships and service they get from you and your staff, they’re more likely to recommend your Academy to others.
    • Trust Your Advisers – Part of your overall strategy should be building a network of experts you can rely on for support and advice. Kiddie Academy gives you access to a strong corporate support system with experts in real estate, construction, training, operations, finance, business analysis, education, marketing and technology. Our in-house experts are here to provide you the help you need or direct you to a trusted source where you can find it.

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