Turning Stress into Success: 8 Pearls of Wisdom from Professional Development Day

As an entrepreneur, it can be a challenge to make time for your own professional development and self-improvement. Franchisee business owners are perceived to be independent or self-employed; their ongoing professional development can be less of a priority when competing for attention and resources in comparison to the management of day-to-day business operations.

Still, attention to your own professional development is important to prioritize. list of sites Last week, members of the Kiddie Academy corporate team took part a Professional Development Day, learning from Peak Performance Specialist and Speaker, John Zulli. John showed the corporate team how to turn stress into success with lessons about stress reduction and life balance relevant to everyone from entry level to the C-suite.

Learning how to effectively balance work, business and life while grooming yourself as a leader to achieve great things takes precious time—time you could spend growing your business, cultivating leads, networking or doing one of the other million things on your to-do list. Which is why we’ve summarized some of John’s pearls of wisdom in the following images for you to share on Facebook, Instagram and beyond for good reminders about staying stress-free.

Post your favorites to inspire your own life balance. And if you want to learn more about John Zulli’s philosophy, visit  www.JohnZulli.comYou can also buy his book on Amazon.

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