What I Like Best About Owning a Kiddie Academy

There are many reasons why people enjoy being a Kiddie Academy franchisee, but for some, owning and operating a Kiddie Academy early learning school provides a level of fulfillment far greater than you might initially think possible.

Every parent wants their child to succeed and be the very best they can be. From the time their children are born, parents cheer over first steps, first words and special moments like their child’s first finger-painted picture. With Kiddie Academy in their child’s development, parents and guardians feel at ease knowing their little one is flourishing and receiving a high-quality educational experience with the help of a caring and dedicated staff. Just take it from Carol Haynes, owner of Kiddie Academy of Reynoldsburg & Hilliard in Ohio. “Seeing that ‘A-ha!’ moment for students has been important. It’s gratifying knowing that each and every day we impact children, we’re also impacting families,” Haynes shared.

Photo: Kiddie Academy of College Station owners, Brian and Megan Van Dyck, with their two daughters.

Many owners take the path to open a Kiddie Academy in order to provide a better child care program for their own families as well as their community. They want to be proactive in changing the lives of these children for the better and really make a positive impact. With so many families having two working parents, they recognize that finding child care that prepares its students for school and life while providing all of the benefits that Kiddie Academy does (such as with our proprietary curriculum) makes all the difference.

Kiddie Academy owners realize that parents everywhere need to be able to trust a child care partner so much so that they’d be comfortable sending their own child there. And for some Kiddie Academy owners, that’s exactly the case. Texas franchisees Brian and Meagan Van Dyck of Kiddie Academy of College Station, Glenda Gonzales of Kiddie Academy of Aliana, and Eric Ng, owner of Kiddie Academy of Pflugerville and Kiddie Academy of Round Rock, love Kiddie Academy and have seen firsthand how effective—and rewarding—Kiddie Academy can be.

“My children get to be in the same school as I am, so I know firsthand that they’re safe and learning lots of things every day. Plus, I love being able to share my experiences as a parent with other parents,” said Ng.

“You’re going to your job,” said Gonzalez. “You’re going to your Kiddie Academy. You drive in and it’s your building, the one that you’re leading.”

“One of my favorite things is having our 3-year-old saying, ‘Let’s go to school!’” added Meagan Van Dyck.

Watch here as the Van Dycks, Ng and other Kiddie Academy owners share what they like best about being a Kiddie Academy franchisee.


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