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Start a daycare business in Florida

The families of Florida have day care needs. Exceed their expectations with a Kiddie Academy educational childcare franchise.

Florida has many opportunities. We have many locations already so future franchises could enjoy the benefit of brand recognition and the possibility of increased marketing through group efforts. Begin exploring this area’s potential by contacting our Franchise Development team. They’ll be happy to guide you in evaluating your desired market.

Contact the Kiddie Academy Franchise Development team by:

“That’s what Kiddie Academy is all about. It's about family and the support. They are always there for you.”

 Pattie LaMarsh, Franchise Owner of Kiddie Academy of Farmingdale, NY
–  Pattie LaMarsh, Franchise Owner of Kiddie Academy of Farmingdale, NY
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    Real estate selection in Florida

    You’ll work with our experienced real estate team to help evaluate and select the ideal site for your new business. Your future Kiddie Academy franchise can be developed within a wide range of settings:  a ground-up building, retrofitting of an existing building, within a shopping center or an office park setting. You also have the option to lease or own your building. We recognize that everyone has different needs. Kiddie Academy real estate options are flexible.

    Ready to take the next step?

    Your Kiddie Academy team is here to make the entire process of opening a franchise simple and straightforward—from the first moment of contact. The entire process is designed to keep you informed and on top of things, so take a look and see how we get started.

    Find out what the steps are to starting a Kiddie Academy franchise