Kiddie Academy® Franchisees.

For so many of our franchisees over the years, Kiddie Academy has been more than the right career move. It’s been the perfect life move. They come from education and non-educational backgrounds, but share this in common: a desire for work-life harmony, financial independence and building something valuable for their community.

  • Working flexibility into their passions

    When experienced entrepreneurs David and Beth Holmes began exploring a business in the education field, they were motivated by two things: Beth’s passion for education and continuing
    the day-to-day flexibility David enjoyed as a small business owner. Kiddie Academy, with its comprehensive support and exceptional curriculum, was the perfect fit.

    The Holmes’ are now seeing the benefits of work-life harmony, their positive business reputation in the community, and the impact they are having on their students.

  • Experienced business professionals with a passion for education

    Following the birth of their first daughter, Saj and Sunny Rizvi began looking for child care alternatives in their area. The results of their exploration highlighted a major opportunity in their market, so they set out to open a child care franchise of their own. Sunny’s master’s degree in education and Saj’s master’s in hospitality informed their decision to build their own Kiddie Academy franchise that combined a strong educational philosophy with an exceptional consumer experience. They’ve exceeded expectations so far—with five locations in the greater
    Chicago area and plans for more.

  • Commitment to families leads to success

    Business partners Kathy Naugle and Pamela Maxwell understood the challenges of climbing the corporate ladder while raising a family. The opportunity to own and operate their own child care franchise came at the perfect time. They now enjoy peace of mind as caregivers in the community and the freedom to be the business leaders they’ve always wanted to be.


  • Providing for the community

    An entrepreneurial spirit is part of David Rudnick’s family heritage. His parents owned a family business, and he always planned to pursue his own ventures. With an undergraduate business degree and a graduate law degree, he owned a solo law practice for several years. When his wife became pregnant with their first child, they had difficulty finding a high quality educational child care provider. They recognized the opportunity to become a resource in their hometown. After visiting several potential partners, the Rudnicks chose Kiddie Academy.


  • Investing in the future

    After many years working in the corporate banking sector, David Willis grew to appreciate the control of being an owner versus the uncertainty of being an employee. “I was looking for a financial investment that could provide ongoing income to sustain our family for the long haul,” he says. He found his calling with Kiddie Academy.


  • Dedication personified

    Bill and Marina Schmidt opened their Bradenton, Florida Kiddie Academy franchise in March 2008. They have a genuine passion for their business, and continue to demonstrate the empowering benefits of serving and expanding their community their enthusiasm in creating the ideal environment for quality education in a warm and nurturing environment, they’re showing local families why Kiddie Academy stands out from their competitors.


  • Turning a leap of faith into a better life

    As a working mother with two children, Pattie LaMarsh struggled to find balance between her personal and professional life. Her ability to be the mom  she wanted to be grew more challenging. So she decided to take a leap of faith and start working for herself. With young children at home, the child care industry seemed like the right area to start her
    research. Pattie found what she was looking for with Kiddie Academy.  Her career affords her a comfortable income and the time to enjoy it with her family. “I’m having the experience of a lifetime,” Pattie says with a smile.


Experience of a Lifetime

As a working mother with two young children, Pattie struggled to find balance between her personal and professional life. Her career in healthcare management was overshadowing her ultimate goal…the ability to be a mom. It was during this time that Pattie decided to take a leap of faith and start working for herself.

After researching several different franchise opportunities, Pattie decided to move forward in the childcare business, as it made the most sense with young kids at home. Her family ultimately decided on Kiddie Academy because of its philosophy and strong support from the corporate office.

In 2012, Pattie opened her academy in Farmingdale, and she is already reaping the benefits of running her own business. Not only does her new career afford her more time with family, it has also provided the LaMarsh’s a comfortable lifestyle they never thought possible.

The success of Pattie’s academy has far exceeded her expectations as a business owner, and its only just the beginning. Due to an overwhelming need for childcare in her community, Pattie expanded her academy by adding five additional classrooms. The expansion alleviated the ever-growing waiting list of children that were longing for the Kiddie Academy experience. Today, Pattie can rest easy knowing she’s capable of meeting her community’s needs while living a rewarding career.

Would she do it all over again? According to Pattie, the answer is yes. “This has been the experience of a lifetime.”

In 2013, Pattie received the Kiddie Academy® Annual Recognition Award for Community Leadership and in 2014 the academy received the Life Essentials®, Health and Fitness Pillar Award recognizing their excellence in delivering upon the values of the Kiddie Academy Health and Fitness curriculum and philosophy.

“To be able to bring this to every community is just so rewarding.”

Sunny Rizvi, Multi-unit Franchise Owner in Illinois
– Sunny Rizvi, Multi-unit Franchise Owner in Illinois
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