• Building Flexibility within Your Passions

    Experienced entrepreneurs David and Beth Holmes began to explore starting a business in education field, an area Beth is passionate about, that would allow them both to achieve the day-to-day flexibility that David had enjoyed as a small-business owner. They chose Kiddie Academy because of the comprehensive support, exceptional curriculum, and the standards the franchise upholds in the academies.

    Today, the Holmes’ enjoy their work-life balance, their positive business reputation in the community, and the impact they are having on their students.

  • Serving the country and the community

    Fresh from his Navy responsibilities, Cory Bullock had several new challenges in his life. He was a new husband and father considering his career options in a new community. As a Navy vet through and through, Cory’s next endeavor had to satisfy his need to make the world a better place. He and his wife, Summer, chose to start a business. But it had to be one they could put their hearts into. That’s when they discovered Kiddie Academy®.

  • A search for quality leads to an education legacy

    When Margaret Harper first considered opening a Kiddie Academy, she didn’t have any childcare or franchise experience. But she had something just as good—the memories of how challenging it was for her to find quality daycare for her own daughter.

    Now the owner of two Kiddie Academy franchises in Maryland, Margaret enjoys the incredible flexibility and the regular Monday through Friday schedule it offers. More so, she cherishes the impact she has had, and continues to have, on so many families. Margaret commented, “It’s wonderful to know in your heart that you’ve contributed to the lives of children, and to your community.”

  • Turning a leap of faith into a better life

    As a working mother with two children, Pattie LaMarsh struggled to find balance between her personal and professional life. Her ability to be the mom she wanted to be was becoming harder and harder. So she decided to take a leap of faith and start working for herself.

    Pattie began by researching the child care industry, as it made the most sense, having young kids at home. That led her to Kiddie Academy, where she found what she was looking for…and more. In 2012, Pattie opened her academy in Farmingdale, NY. Not only does her new career afford her more time with family, it has also provided the LaMarsh family a comfortable lifestyle they never thought possible.

    When asked if she’d do it all over again, Pattie smiles and offers, “Absolutely, this has been the experience of a lifetime.”


“Kiddie Academy had open arms and really embodied the motto of Community Begins Here.”

Cory Bullock, Kiddie Academy of League City, TX
– Cory Bullock, Kiddie Academy of League City, TX
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“I always felt that I had a person in my corner.”

Margaret Harper, Multi-unit Franchise Owner in Maryland
– Margaret Harper, Multi-unit Franchise Owner in Maryland
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“To be able to bring this to every community is just so rewarding.”

Sunny Rizvi, Multi-unit Franchise Owner in Illinois
– Sunny Rizvi, Multi-unit Franchise Owner in Illinois
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