Veteran and Brand Champion

Navy veteran Cory Bullock and his wife Summer chose the Kiddie Academy child care franchise to start their own business in 2008 and have never looked back.

As his commitment to the Navy drew to an end, Houston resident Cory Bullock began considering career options. He and his wife, Summer, began looking at opportunities to start their own business. During their search, they reviewed various franchise industries, including tanning and food, before agreeing on child care. After several months of research, they zeroed in on Kiddie Academy.  The Bullocks were impressed with the Kiddie Academy corporate team, and were also able to take advantage of Kiddie Academy’s program for veterans.

Cory and Summer opened Kiddie Academy’s first Houston-area location, Kiddie Academy of League City, on August 18, 2008.

The Bullocks have achieved monumental success – both from a business and personal standpoint. They have consistently maintained high enrollment numbers, created a well-recognized brand presence in their community and formed many solid relationships with the families they serve. Cory and Summer have had the pleasure of seeing the results of their hard work in the many children they serve. They have seen the quality of the product first hand with the children’s advancements and accomplishments.

In 2012, Cory and Summer were named Kiddie Academy Franchisees of the Year. Then in 2014, Cory was recognized with the Kiddie Academy Annual Award for Brand Champion, having taken a lead role in supporting and building the Kiddie Academy brand through communications and interactions with their own team and prospective franchisees.

“That’s what Kiddie Academy is all about. It's about family and the support. They are always there for you.”

Pattie LaMarsh, Kiddie Academy of Farmingdale, NY
– Pattie LaMarsh, Kiddie Academy of Farmingdale, NY
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“I always felt that I had a person in my corner.”

Margaret Harper, Multi-unit Franchise Owner in Maryland
– Margaret Harper, Multi-unit Franchise Owner in Maryland
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“To be able to bring this to every community is just so rewarding.”

Sunny Rizvi, Multi-unit Franchise Owner in Illinois
– Sunny Rizvi, Multi-unit Franchise Owner in Illinois
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