An entrepreneurial spirit

Franchise owners David and Jennifer Rudnick opened the Kiddie Academy of Stoughton, Massachusetts on November 21, 2011.  Building on the knowledge gained from a lifetime of entrepreneurial experience, David believes the key to the success of his Kiddie Academy is his focus on pleasing the customer.  He says, “Everything follows that one simple idea.  If you do that right, you’ll find success.”

An entrepreneurial spirit is part of David Rudnick’s family heritage.  His parents owned a family business, and he always planned to pursue his own ventures.  With an undergraduate business degree and a graduate law degree, he owned a solo law practice for several years.   When his wife became pregnant with their first child, they had difficulty finding a high quality child care provider.  They recognized the situation as an opportunity to open their own education-based child care center in their hometown.  After visiting several potential partners, the Rudnicks chose Kiddie Academy.

David’s initial goal when opening his Kiddie Academy location was to provide an education-based child care experience that he’d feel comfortable trusting with his own children.  After reviewing several options, David chose to open a Kiddie Academy franchise because he felt a strong connection with the curriculum, philosophy and support.  “Our family name and reputation is important to us, and we only wanted to be associated with a quality organization.  Kiddie Academy was a perfect fit for us,” says David.

Kiddie Academy of Stoughton has been going strong since its opening, and is continuing to grow.  David says, “Taking care of children is a big responsibility.  It brings me great joy and pride to know that parents trust us with the most important part of their lives.”  Being able to take his daughter to work with him every day is a bonus, according to David. “I love having her here.  Often, she doesn’t want to leave at the end of the day.  So I know our academy is doing something right.”

David and his academy have won several awards over the years including Community Leadership, Best Practices: Community Building and Best Practices: Technology Education.

“I was looking for a financial investment that could provide ongoing income to sustain our family for the long haul”

David Wallis, Kiddie Academy of Charlotte-Blakeney
– David Wallis, Kiddie Academy of Charlotte-Blakeney
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