While working in corporate America, David Willis witnessed the uncertainty that comes with being an employee instead of an owner, particularly in the banking segment.  He says “I was looking for a financial investment that could provide ongoing income to sustain our family for the long haul.” As a result, David chose to purchase real estate and build an all-new location with support from Kiddie Academy’s Real Estate and Construction teams.

With prior business experience working for brands such as GE and Bank of America, David did a great deal of research before deciding to open his Kiddie Academy of Charlotte – Blakeney in August, 2011.  He knew the market, believed in the Kiddie Academy concept, and most importantly, understood what children and parents need from a childcare center.  His customer-centric approach has distinguished his Kiddie Academy in the market, and resulted in

For David Willis, building a new Kiddie Academy location helped him to reach both a personal and professional goal.  “Finding childcare for my two children certainly spurred me to consider opening my own business.  My wife and I couldn’t find the educational experience we wanted for our own children, so we saw opening our Kiddie Academy as an investment in our children’s future as well as a business venture.”

Over the last several years David and his academy have won several awards, including Community Leadership, Sales and Customer Service, Best Practices: Character Education, Best Practices: Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum, Best Practices: Health and Fitness and Best Practices: Technology Education.

“Kiddie Academy had open arms and really embodied the motto of Community Begins Here.”

David Rudnick, Kiddie Academy of Stoughton, MA
– David Rudnick, Kiddie Academy of Stoughton, MA
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