From the heart and by the numbers

Working parents want the best education as early as possible and the numbers tell the story:

  • 12.5 million children under the age of 5 are in some form of child care every week 1
  • Educational child care is a $47 billion industry comprising roughly 832,000 businesses employing 2.2 million people 2
  • 60% of parents prefer center-based, full-day preschool vs. home-based care or other arrangements with friends or neighbors *
  • The population of children age 5 and under is expected to increase by more than 7% in the next 20 years to further boost the growth of the child care industry 3

What kind of returns can you expect from a Kiddie Academy franchise?

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* Other sources:  National Household Education Survey;; National Association of Child Care Resources & Referral Agencies; National Center for Education Statistics; Thirdwave Research