The 1980’s

A decade of firsts

Kiddie Academy founding and early growth

During the 1980s, Pauline Miller and Kiddie Academy brought her vision of combining fun with learning to life. Our original learning program served as a launching point for the developmentally appropriate curriculum, character education, health and fitness and technology education that continue to make up our proprietary Life Essentials® philosophy.


Kiddie Academy takes its first step

The opening of our first location

As a mother and an educator, co-founder Pauline Miller passionately sought to provide better child care options. Her vision created an experience that went beyond typical child care, inspiring the possibilities in each child for his or her future. She developed the first version of Kiddie Academy’s proprietary curriculum with the opening of our first location in Baltimore County, Maryland.


Dedication to amazing child care runs in the family

Michael Miller joins Kiddie Academy

Michael Miller, son of George and Pauline Miller, joins the team. Over the next 30 plus years, Michael helps Kiddie Academy grow their franchise model, empowering an increasing number of committed entrepreneurs to meet the needs of families seeking ways to prepare their children for what’s next.

The 1990s

More learning in more places

Sharing Kiddie Academy with more families

We establish and develop a franchise model we could easily adapt and expand into more communities, serving the needs of families around the country.


Spreading our arms wider

First franchise: Elkton, MD

The first Kiddie Academy franchise location opens in Elkton, Maryland. This symbolizes the start of the national expansion of the Kiddie Academy brand. It’s the first step to satisfying the ambitions of entrepreneurs ready to start a business that makes a positive impact on their community, meeting the increasing demand for educational child care that’s intellectually, emotionally and physically nurturing.


Expanding beyond Maryland

First Kiddie Academy outside of Maryland opens

Our growth is spurred by what differentiates us: highly trained teachers informed by a curriculum in touch with how young minds explore the world.

The 2000s

Evolving and differentiating

Our brand continues to innovate

We refine our industry-leading learning methods, extend our curriculum with a new summer program and grow our franchise system with additional training and support. The expansion of our national presence is represented by the construction of a new corporate office in 2007.


A very accomplished number

Our 100th Kiddie Academy opens

Our national presence grows with the launch of our 100th Kiddie Academy—demonstrating the vitality of our franchisee community, and the need for education-based child care that turns every moment into a learning opportunity.

The 2010s

Kiddie Academy turns 30

Building community and franchise expertise

Into our third decade, we back our franchise owners with more marketing support and innovative training methods, gain continued recognition as a smart brand and open a flagship location.


Inspired marketing support

Amazing Starts Here® campaign

Creative marketing campaigns like Amazing Starts Here® support our brand essence—promoting what we do within each community to nurture what’s amazing in every child.


Enriched franchisee training

Kiddie Academy University launched

We respond to success by pushing for more of it—launching Kiddie Academy University to further refine and develop the training we provide our franchisees.


Top 500

Entrepreneur recognition

We celebrate the opening of our 150th location and being recognized as Entrepreneur’s Top 500 brands for the 15th consecutive year.


Meeting our own potential

Our flagship location

Kiddie Academy of Abingdon, our award-winning, LEED-certified school opens in Harford County, MD. This Academy allows us to showcase and further our innovations in curriculum, technology and training. It’s built to help children, teachers and franchise owners reach their potential as creative learners, communicators, thinkers, doers and entrepreneurs.


Meeting the demand for amazing

The opening of our 200th Kiddie Academy

Our 200th franchise location represents more than a number; it demonstrates how committed we are to meeting the increasing demand in communities all over the country for educational childcare that nurtures every aspect of a child’s development. Franchise Times names Kiddie Academy the fastest-growing educational childcare franchise in 2017, our biggest growth year to date.


Our franchises are growing strong

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